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With Vision, you choose the level of autonomy you want for your applications:

  • Autonomous, I create and support my own No-Code applications.
  • Assisted, I am supported in the creation and support of my No-Code application park.
  • Outsourced, I entrust the creation and support of my No-Code applications to

Here are a few examples of how we use our platform... just click!

Mobile application for maintenance

Connect with all your company's data

Value them and make them available to your teams

Manage the deployment and hosting of these applications

Implement your strategic applications with agility

Build any custom application, fully integrated into the IS, secure and efficient to meet your challenges.

The main uses

Business and IT applications, software interfaces and ERP

Examples of applications created

CRM Interfaces

Geolocated Document Management

Mobility Maintenance

Asset Management

Mobile ERP interfaces

marc's testimony

Marc has long used his group'sERP to manage maintenance operations at several manufacturing sites. He noticed a decline in the quality of data entry and use of the ERP, which did not meet the needs of the users in terms ofinterface anduser experience.

To overcome this weakness, it launched an application project to have WEB and mobile tools to enhance the data collected in the field, enrich the ERP data and deduce analyses as part of continuous improvement. 

Its management decided to launch this project as a base for the activity of its various plants, in a mixed approach with a partner to develop, without code, a mobile interface connected to the ERP and its corporate directory.

After a period of ramping up, its employees learn how to use the tool and carry out their first "digital use cases", independently, before submitting them to the applications manager to validate their deployment.

Marc, method manager - Industry

PWA management application with Vision

Adopt a strategy for leveraging your data

Get the data your organization needs from where it is to where and when it's needed

The main uses

Integration of heterogeneous data, API flow connectors

Examples of applications created

Data mediation

Data visualization

Extraction Transformation

Data loading

testimony of Jean

Aurélien understood that building applications required good governance of upstream data, as it is the fuel for any robust work process over time.

With Vision he has a " Cloud First" tool , capable oforganizing his models and collecting data from heterogeneous sources such as Excel files, Access databases or even the company's business repositories.

It can enrich the data by editing it via multi-stakeholder workflows, associate rules with it and document it. He can then create flows to expose the data via APIs or user interfaces and decide on the scheduling of update tasks.

Jean did not use any lines of code, and satisfied users benefit from reliable data over time through an on-demand scalable application.

Aurélien, Application Manager - Rail Transport

CRM application created in NoCode

Fostering transformation and innovation in the company

Use IT wisely in your daily work to reduce the use of paper, avoid ghost applications in Excel, work better together and save time by automating repetitive tasks.

The main uses

Organization of tasks, dematerialization of processes

Examples of applications created

Ticket applications

Follow-up of construction site / studies

Field surveys

Work authorizations

Marie's testimony

Marie imagined an application that would reconcile several needs expressed during meetings on current work sites: the flow of data between the field and the office, the reliability of the data, theaccessibility of information from various sources.

After completing the application specifications with her team and clients, she decided to hire a work-study student and work with Vision to implement and test the software.

In addition to managing the documents exchanged around the sites, it can also manage the working hours of the operational staff, organize the tasks and have a budgetary follow-up of the activity.

After 3 months, the application convinced his management and his IT department and obtained the agreement to deploy it in the other entities of the group.

Marie, innovation manager - Construction

Ticketing application created in nocode

Let Vision technology guide you in assembling all the bricks of your application projects.

Take advantage of the full potential of visual programming to develop a data-driven and user-oriented approach to address all your digital transformation needs.

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