Harness the full potential of Vision technology with the Center.

Configure and administer your server infrastructure and designate the managers and users of your applications autonomously, in one place.




Vision is designed to accompany you on as many projects as you wish.


Your applications live and evolve. Support their lifecycle without disruption.


Manage the governance of multi-stakeholder application projects.

maximum security

Maximum security

Center controls the backups and restores of your applications.

01. Application management

Visualize and control all your applications and their server environments:

Create your new applications on demand, in the Center

Activate the associated development, qualification and production environments

Manage platform updates: automatic in shared environment, controlled in dedicated environment

governance account managers

02. Governance

Clearly define who is involved and on what scope.

Manage roles and permissions at the organizational level

For each application, designate managers, integrators, end users

03. Publication scenarios

Manage all phases of deployment.

Define publishing scenarios between development, test and production

Set validation rules to move from one environment to another

scenario publication applications Vision

04. Backup and restore

Back up what you need, when you need it, and restore it wherever you want.

Choose the items to be backed up and restored: applications and/or data

Define the appropriate backup strategies: planning, number, storage locations

Run hot backups

Vision Center availability: September 1, 2023
Vision Center availability: September 1, 2023

- Vision Center will be our next major development, so stay tuned! -

Available from : September 1, 2023
Available from : September 1, 2023

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With Vision, I discovered that we could make complex ideas simple and concrete and energize all our IT.
Marie, company manager in an innovative SME
I was able to deliver a strategic application 3 months ahead of schedule, even exceeding our expectations, which earned congratulations from my client.
Assim, Lead Tech Developer - Full-Stack in an ESN
With Vision, I simplify repetitive and complex processes to manage, while automating the deployment of new IT applications.
Enrico, IS architect in a large public company
The Vision technology allowed me to concretize an innovative transformation project and to have it accepted throughout the group.
Mathilde, maintenance manager in a large private company