Embarked on the no-code revolution since 2017

No-code completely redefines the way companies use IT and unleashes the potential. 

This is why, after 20 years of traditional publishing, we have chosen to fundamentally change our service offering and our business model: we are pivoting!

this woman smiles because she uses a no-code application that makes her life easier at the office
AT ALGO'TECH, VISION CREATOR, we have set ourselves the goal of becoming an essential reference in development platforms for specialists and non-specialists.

To achieve this, we are working on 5 major axes:

Repositioning IT to serve businesses

To develop applications that are truly adapted to the needs of employees, in order to make their lives easier, gain in productivity and have more fun at work. It's up to IT to adapt to the different businesses, not the other way around.

Valorize the data

We want to demystify the collection and use of computer data with simple and visual tools that help identify what data to manipulate, where and how to collect it, and how to make it live.

Increase business agility

This is certainly the greatest promise of no-code, which we fully support: to quickly provide teams with tailor-made tools that are simple, useful, and can be improved as and when needed, and at a controlled cost.

Democratizing technology

The digitization of professional uses is progressing more and more, and so are the needs for IT development. The number of men and women trained in programming languages is evolving at a much slower pace and the shortage of developers is inevitable. No-code visual programming opens up the production of IT solutions to new profiles while refocusing attention on the user experience for the benefit of all.

Securing enterprise IT

If data is an essential issue for companies today, security is its corollary. We give our full attention to security aspects. It is this permanent concern that led us to create the Service Center to enable advanced user management and ensure foolproof business continuity.

Algo'Tech is :

years of publishing
of software


to Vision, the all-in-one, 100% no-code application creation platform

A 100% agile team

Vision par Algo'tech is above all a team of multi-skilled and passionate developers, coming from different backgrounds: video games, infrastructure, back, front,...

We put all our skills and our culture of computer engineering at the disposal of the creators (makers), who use the Vision platform to develop applications that are like them. Vision is constantly evolving and improving. Familiar with the Agile method, we work in 3-week sprints to offer an ever better level of service.

Vision by Algo'tech is also
the union of an experienced team of professionals entirely focused on serving our customers: sales, marketing, support and training.

Vision by Algo'tech is finally
a coherent ecosystem of partners: business providers, ICT, ESN, integrators, distributors, software publishers, technology partners, ... Using the platform to meet the needs and aspirations of their customers.

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