Create, connect and deploy without limits...
and without code

Vision is one of the most powerful "no-code" visual programming platforms on the market. Its extensive functionality allows it to handle the entire life cycle of an application, from data and process modeling to interface design, hosting, and connection to any type of data source (API).

They have chosen Vision

Vision, the no-code solution
for ambitious application projects

Vision can do it all and is the perfect answer to projects requiring successful governance: large and heterogeneous data volumes, numerous users, multiple interconnections, custom business processes, scalable roadmaps juggling development, test and production hosting.

Modeling the data

Data at the heart of the system

Behind the interface the data. Adopt a data-centric approach, structure, harmonize and aggregate your data schemas to get the most value out of them...

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Design the interfaces

Create powerful interfaces

Work with drag&drop from a very complete widget library. Design ergonomic and efficient interfaces, in your own colors.

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Create workflows

Create custom applications

Build your business logic to suit your needs. Define all the actions driven by your applications.

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Connect your APIs

Connect your applications to all data sources.

Insert applications into a connected ecosystem by opening API routes on demand.

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Deploy applications

Host your applications and manage their deployment

Control your operations and administration policy. Manage the hosting, governance and security of your application projects, in one place, with complete autonomy.

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marc's testimony

Strategic applications

Marc has been using his group's ERP for a long time to manage maintenance operations at the various manufacturing sites. He noticed a decline in the quality of data entry and use of the ERP because it no longer met today's needs in terms of interface and user experience.

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testimony of Jean

Valuation of data

Aurélien understood that building applications required good data governance upstream, as data is the essential fuel for any robust work process over time.

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Marie's testimony

Innovation in business

Marie imagined an application that reconciles several needs expressed during operational meetings on current projects: the flow of data between the field and the office, the reliability of the data, the accessibility of information from various sources.

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100% powerful 100% complete 100% no-code 100% accessible
100% powerful 100% complete 100% no-code 100% accessible
Add value to your data Democratize technology Secure your applications
Add value to your data Democratize technology Secure your applications

Adopt the right vision for your application projects

Harness the potential of Vision
They have chosen Vision

5 to 10 times faster delivery

Say goodbye to computer code. Work with drag and drop. Save a lot of time and open programming to a wider audience.

Produce any type of web or mobile application

From simple to complex, putting data at the center of your project and connecting to all data sources and destinations through API routes.

Work iteratively on the different components of the applications

Advance simultaneously on data manipulation, user interfaces, processes and user paths, interfaces and API connections.

Stay in control

Create new applications on the fly, decide where your data is hosted, who has access to it, distinguish between test and production environments, manage the transition from one to the other, track connections,...

Choose the working mode

In full autonomy, with our support or that of one of our partners to best adjust your return on commitment / investment.