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Data Modeler

Model all the Smart Objects needed to build your applications


Data Modeler includes all primitive types, but also the most advanced ones such as data lists, photos, digital signatures. You can also link objects together by indicating their cardinality.


With a single click, you can decide that your Smart Objects are geolocatable, can be linked to indexed documents, contain a digital signature...


Each Smart Object and its properties are independently linked to a security system by role, for a refined control of the security of your data.


Our Data Modeler has been designed so that you can organize your data by functional grouping. A system of masks allows you to work easily.

Workflow Editor

Simply build your business applications


By dragging and dropping knots, you are guided through the construction of your workflow.

Logical grouping

Clarify the logic of task sequencing with the node grouping system

Test your creations directly

Thanks to our Workflow Player integrated in Vision Studio, execute your workflows, validate the sequencing of your tasks and inspect the data produced.

Smart Flow Editor

Build your data flows and connect your workflows to your IS in a simple way

Build connections to your REST APIs by
Respect your authentication protocols with our authentication delegation options
Easily integrate your Smart Flows into your Workflows

Model your flows ...

... and create your nodes for the Workflow Editor


Don't start from scratch, use applications and workflow elements already proven and validated by our customers

Download the packages directly into your environment from the Studio

Modify Workflows, Models or Smart Flows according to your needs

Deploy your applications for your users

The Store offers content that is constantly renewed, always qualified and secure.