Operation | Maintenance

Operation | Maintenance

Design and adapt your business applications in a simple way to meet your requirements

Your problems

Accompany your technicians in the field

Collect, dematerialize, qualify technical information. Make it available to your technicians in the field, according to their profile and the context of their intervention. Benefit from the support of a virtual assistant to access relevant information more efficiently.

Access to reliable information

Multiple entries: search bar, organization of data by POI on a building plan or a functional synoptic. Document dematerialization and indexing. Relevant searches by Tags or keywords.

Flexible and collaborative platform

Design your business applications in collaborative mode. Continuously improve your applications by integrating feedback from the field and adapting them in real time.

Management of "Security Minutes"

Secure your teams with specific proactive procedures: checklists, monitoring indicators, alert management, accountability and valuation.

Event Management

Manage maintenance procedures and documents for an event related to CMMS (traceability, reporting, alerts). Execute your processes online/offline from your Agenda.

Optimization of costs and intervention time

Integration of measurement points in the business processes, saving time on document search, improvement of the operational process, automatic generation of reports and restitution of information.