Director of Information Systems

Your problems

Manage IT assets

A centralized platform that allows you to list and validate all tools that contain data. Control and manage their connections to the IS in order to avoid the loss of information due to different turnovers. Fight against Shadow IT. Manage DPM compliance.

No Code & Workflows

The no-code approach considerably reduces the time required to deploy business application solutions and the cost, which is much lower than that of a conventional custom software solution.

SaaS or On Premise Solution

Platform for making technical information available in a transversal and collaborative way. This solution includes as standard a search engine based on Elasticsearch technology, a cartography to geolocate equipment, an agenda and document management.

Invest and empower your teams

Creation of the applications by the involvement of the technicians and their feedback from the field. Review system of plan or procedure indices. Flexibility of the platform to make the applications evolve in real time.

ROI is really measured by the rate of adoption of applications and the satisfaction of their users.

IT at the heart of continuous improvement

An intuitive and user-friendly environment to optimize your organization and save 20% of time in document search and information provision. Studio for creating no-code applications related to business processes. Workflows, Smart Models, Smart Objects for a fast and inexpensive real-time deployment of no-code solutions.

Bringing IT closer to the trades