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Design Thinking for NoCode


From idea to concept

Logan Wilson in The Academic Man: A Study in the Sociology of a Profession in 1942 launched his Publish Or Perish" which was intended at that time to bring about a change in the scientific community. Instead of waiting for long years of research to evoke a scientific position and be able to prove it, he suggested publishing more quickly to advance scientific research.

The director of the MIT Media Lab updates it for the 1st time at his TED 2014 by making it more IT "Demo or Die".

He sees the need to move faster in the design in a world where the in a world where the internet is becoming faster and faster and more accessible to all.

Whether an entrepreneur or a company, the deployment of a solution solution remains a critical phase, both in terms of budgets to allocate as well as on the time of development time.


The Design Thinking is a method that allows you to "find the real problem to be solved, and then answer it". Stanford University.

It has been widely used thanks to Stanford University who described it in 5 steps and theIDEO agency which will apply it to the business world to enable companies toinnovate quickly.

Step 1: Empathy, understanding and observing : 


In the software sector, more than a method, it is a state of mind. The conceptualisation of software is basically user-oriented.User-centered design”.


A project is born out of a need or a problem to be solved; however, finding the right innovative solution takes time and requires above all putting oneself in the in the user's shoes.


This phase ofempathy allows us to understand how the application will be used by different people by taking into account different ways of thinking.


What seems obvious to some is not obvious to allA collection of testimonies and factual ideas remains the best basis for further action.


Step 2: Specify  


After the collection of testimonies, it is necessary to put it all together in an environment with a first vision of its application (there will be many more).

It is necessary to rephrase the project to obtain a sentence that sums up the concept.


"Coming together is a beginning; staying together is progress; working together is success." Henry Ford

Brainstorming: part 3


The brainstorming team is an exploration of a new method of collaboration. Every new way of imagining the application is explored.

It is time to open up to new ideas and revolutionise the way you go about creating your prototype.

Each trade has a way of working that adds to the solution. We play onoptimism, the inevitable ally ofinnovation, especially in development.

Prototype: part 4

Why talk about NoCode for the prototype?


It reduces development time by 50% and costs 10x less.

The lack of developers in the IT market has suddenly changed people's minds. In addition, the current situation of telework to work with remote IT solutions which are more adapted and faster tools. tools that are more adapted and faster.


Since more than 5 yearsFor more than five years, there has been an increase in the use of NoCode software in order to facilitate communication between departments and also to move ever faster in the deployment of projects. the deployment of projects and solutions. and solutions.

According to the report SaaS Trends 2019 report by Blissfullyan average employee uses 8 applications per day. Organisations with 501 to 1,000 employees use an average of 151 applicationsand this figure rises to 203 applications for companies with more than 1001 employees.”

In this graph Blissfully highlights the usage of 81 applications in a company with 18 employees.


In an agile company company focused on digital transformationit becomes essential to connect all of its digital infrastructure to overcome the Shadow IT . Become autonomous in your own management of its data to make it more SMART.


The NoCode solutions allow you to make your website (webflow), ERP, accounting, CRM (monday) but also business applications that can be built without a single code tag.


When the need is expressed or a lack of agility in the company appears, it is enough to find the concept and the application which answers it and to do it yourself!


To help you Design Thinking remains the key to create your applications and thanks to an intuitive interface you can create your own business applications that meet the needs of your company and your customers.


In addition to the fact that it allows you to create quickly, it allows you to evolve as you go alongwhich saves time for your iT team team to work on more complex more complex projects and also to your employees by allowing them to to be fully involved and to work with each other more easily.



Test: part 5


You only have to look at the evolution of applications in recent years to not feel disappointed with your first test. It evolves with the user experience and feedback from the field. Every feature and modification can be made and tested quickly, we publish, we test and this makes us more reactive and disruptive. disruptive.


By 2024 according to Gartner and IDC , companies will need 500 million applications.

The NoCode platform allows any employee to become a citizen developer by building their own application without any computer knowledge, if in doubt don't forget that one of the first NoCode solutions is the Excel spreadsheet.

As a reminder, over 41% of non-IT employees not working in the IT sector use or create computer data.


The question is no longer how and with what, but how soon we will finally adopt NoCode to reduce our IT backlog.


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